Added Value-Unique Experience

Prodigy Construction Management offers a very unique and state of the art approach in Construction Project Management Technology. The "SPARTAN" is an extended PCM resource that offers Pan Tilt Zoom-360 degrees of virtual security zone and a 24hr/day remote surveillance solution. Since construction sites are particularly vulnerable to material or equipment theft, "SPARTAN" offers the first level of defense by acting as an obvious deterrent. Prodigy has taken the initiative by offering high quality optic cameras with over 25 feet of elevated platform to create an ideal monitoring environment to exceed the protection and observation of the owner's construction needs. With recording capabilities and night light motion detection sensors, "SPARTAN" provides a much needed tool in a well-orchestrated Construction Project Management approach. With cameras in a high quality megapixel, one can have approved access to view the construction site from any place in the world. With "SPARTAN", Prodigy offers more to our clients by monitoring and collecting vital construction on-site information. PCM's added value can offer: True "rain day" evaluations.