Prodigy provides programming, master planning and design options, construction administration, and consistent record keeping to ensure that projects remain on time and within budget, assisting the owner to coordinate the following:

Project/Construction Management

Pre-Design and Design Coordination

Prodigy Construction Management coordinates all phases of pre-design and design work; including all meetings among owners/users, maintenance and administrative staff.


Prodigy provides project management implementation, coordination and programming plan reviews with architect/engineering consultatnts, as well as with municipal, county, and federal government agencies.

Procurment Administration

Prodigy assists the owner, architect, and engineer with a variety of procurement means and methods and within plan distribution; all of which help maximize resources.

Construction Administration

Prodigy reviews project assurances and facilitates all construction activities from start to finish, provides full-service project management that ensures efficient resolution of any construction issues consistant with the owners goals resulting in the fastest and most economical project compleation possible.

Building Commissioning

Prodigy assists the owner with Start up, calibration, and certification of a facility.

Close-Out Documents

Prodigy facilitates all close-out project documentation and assists the owner in acquiring construction "As-Built" documents


Prodigy assists the owner by facilitating the one year warranty period

Construction Management Cont'd Services

Fire Protection Consultant Services